I already wrote little explanations here but here's the important statement in the playlist.

I seem to be a mix of sentimentality, optimism, sarcasm and cynicism. People act like they've discovered the Holy Grail in their basement when they find out I'm kind of soft. No one seems to get that I'm all of these things at once.


So the thought with this mix was showcase the more sentimental side, as well as to cover musicians who mean a lot to me. I wanted people listening to understand melancholy, longing and loneliness that has been so a part of my life. But I also want you to understand the joy, affection, and hope that has carried me, and when troubles are gone, those three things endure.

I'll leave with this quote as I want to seem profound and I just finished rereading The Canterville Ghost.*

"Dear Cecil! I have no secrets from you."

"Yes, you have," he answered, smiling, "you have never told me what happened to you when you were locked up with the ghost."

"I have never told any one, Cecil," said Virginia, gravely.

"I know that, but you might tell me."

"Please don't ask me, Cecil, I cannot tell you. Poor Sir Simon! I owe him a great deal. Yes, don't laugh, Cecil, I really do. He made me see what Life is, and what Death signifies, and why Love is stronger than both."

*Oh yes. I'm rereading Oscar Wilde. I'm super inclined to profundity.

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